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The Meanderings of the Alumnus



What they have been doing? And how they have been doing it?

Towards the latter part of 1970 - Helen Francis spearheaded the first MHS Alumni Association; the Ad Hoc quorum was nominated by the then resident Principal.....Mr. Warren Thorpe (1967-1979).  Remembered (but not limited to) key players were Cheryl McCalla-Boxer, Geraldine Wilson-Price and Helen Francis.  The meeting for this occasion took place at the ’Principal's  Cottage') located at Springburn Avenue, Meadowbrook, Kingston 8, Jamaica, W.I.

This Chapter, for the full duration embraced a social Spectrum, which included competitive sports events between the then current students and the Old Students, and social gatherings for the purpose of camaraderie.   The Alumnae (girls) sector were known to play netball matches against such entities as the Jamaica Mutual Life Netball team, current MHS Netball team etc.

This Chapter was eventually replaced by the current Chapter (Two) 2 or more decades later.

Helen Francis relocated to the USA a year or so later.  Subsequent to this event  Helen along with Alums such as Ralph Miller,  Claudette Shields-Belnavis, June Campbell-Bookal spearheaded the current New York Chapter. While their names were not listed on the Charter (only New York residents were listed), these were the Alums responsible for organizing and propagating the Chapter.


The New York Chapter under the leadership of Helen Francis remitted its first contribution to the Alma Mater, These funds were used to Subsidized the Relay Team to the Penn Relays- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Keith White was quite effective in providing airline tickets for the team and coach. Under the leadership of Dennis Grant (first President of the Chapter) a piano was donated to the Alma Mater.


In 1997 The New Jersey Chapter was spearheaded by Kerry Patrick Dixon------, Marie Hawthorne Crooks, Tania Fraser, Melody Bell Awosu-Afryie, Pauline Hollingsworth Henry and Helen Francis.  
The New Jersey Chapter continued the tradition of sponsoring the Penn Relays for two to three consecutive years. Currently this Chapter sponsors the implemented STUDENT SUBSIDIARY FUND. The program was inaugurated the latter part of 2008 with funds from pledgers starting in 2009. The current pledgers are Douglas Canton, Pauline Hollingsworth Henry, Errol Henry, Melody Awosu-Afryie, Tania Fraser, Ralph Miller, Eileen Forest Ledford and Helen Francis. This fund will be followed by  a Staff Subsidiary to be decided on.



The South Florida Chapter was formed in 2000 under the guidance of Ruth Gammon. This chapter was and is very productive and made several significant contributions to the Alma Mater. The members are mature, levelheaded and always display  a heightened level of rationale.

The 60s 70s Group started with a bang in 2004; at the helm at that time were Marcia Cowan and Sonia Matthews-Titus with the idea germinating with Sonia. Marcia is still at the helm with Robert Peterkin behind the cameras.  What a shi-Bang...the continents literally converged, with Mr. Kershaw travelling approximately 36 hours in order to attend.  This was an international affair with an In Harbor cruise being the highlight of activities, culminating in fingerlicking Dinner hosted by Philip Canton and spouse Kerry. This group has since sponsored many events. Marcia still cements together the members and is on the ball in connecting the dots.

Other Groups such as Mead-Haven, Toronto Canada, and many others are blazing a trail...keep on keeping on, Guys!!! Way to go!!! Keep your eyes on the Prize!!!

       The Alma Mater is the Prize, The Bright Shining Star.
                 "Let Her Light Continue to Shine"

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