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Here is an oportunity to support your Alma Mater. MHS New York Tri State Alumni association exists to support its' Alma Mater among other things. The Association has different projects that worked on through out the year, some short term and others long term. The Association also provides the opportunity to show support  that is not project specific. You'll be able to do this clicking the donate button on this page.


If you are interested in contributing in kind i.e not monetary, please feel free to contact us.

Chair Our Children

This is an ambitious project to provide new desk and chairs for the current studen population of MHS. This will see more classes getting a more adequate allocation of chairs and replacing old broken chirs that has become an health risk to those who use them.

Dinner Dance

MHS Alumni NY - Dinner Dance is an annual fundraiser which raise funds for scholarships, buildings, sports programs etc. This is a fun way to show support for your Alma Mater. Invite family and friends to this event, for some fine dining great entertainment while supporting a worthy cause.



More Info

If you would like to donate a non specific sum and have the MHS NY Alumni Association allocate it accordingly; please click the Donate button above.



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